About us


During the interwar period, the Montessori education was thriving in Romania. Some remarkable names of the Romanian cultural life (Constantin Rădulescu Motru, Nicolae Titulescu) tirelessly supported the pedagogical and philosophical concept of the method.

Following an overlong absence imposed upon by the political regime, the system developed by Maria Montessori would convince once more in our country. The number of kindergartens and schools is rising up, the interest for the natural way of educating children is increasing also, and the demand for information is higher and higher. This is how the Montessori Institute of Bucharest (MIB) was founded, the first training center in Romania to be affiliated to the  Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Our goal is to continue passing on Maria Montessori’s vision regarding the development of the human being, first as an individual and then as an active part of the society. The Montessori educational method is widely known on an international level, as being one of the most natural and efficient ways of working with children, at the same time being able to respond appropriately to the specific needs of the contemporary social context. The basis of such an educational method lies upon the belief that each child is born with a potential which will develop and reveal itself at the same time with the natural tendency of learning and growing.

The Montessori Institute of Bucharest (MIB) is the first centre in Romania to train Montessori teachers under the warranty of quality assurance provided by its affiliation to the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). The AMI courses are unique experiences rendering a true transformation for the adult. The practical work, guided by highly experimented trainers, the understanding of the theoretical concepts, the accomplishment of the right attitude towards children, the moments of individual discoveries, they all lead to a change of views which is utterly necessary for the preparation of the future teacher.


Mariana Uliță – Educator AMI, level 3-6 years, co-founder Montessori School of Bucharest

Ana-Maria Brezniceanu – Educator AMI, level 12-15 years, Co-founder Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest and  Montessori School of Bucharest

Cristina Preda – Educator AMI, level 0-3 years, Founder Echilibria Kindergarten

Anca Trifu – Co-founderr Grădinița Monterra

Elena Mușat – Parent at Montessori School of Bucharest


President: Mariana Uliță

Secretary:  Anca Trifu

Member:  Cristina Preda