Letter from the MIB Executive Director

Dear friends,

The Montessori view upon the child is that she represents a new beginning for the life of the whole humanity and a hope, as well. Fragile and unique, the child builds herself during her first years of life, then she becomes a part of the social context that she is challenged to change for the better. When it is well understood and thoroughly guided by the adult who has been preparing to meet it, this fragility surrounding the beginning of the child’s life will deeply echo throughout her mature age, in terms of stability, proficiency and conscious dedication.

The prepared Montessori adult who works with the children builds an appropriate environment which meets the needs of the children, observes methodically, experiments responsibly, loves his job, studies thoroughly and brings all the naturally positive tendencies of the child into light, so that they could support life itself.

In order for all of this to become a habit, the adult needs to undergo a long positive transformation process which, in the Montessori method, this takes the form of the AMI training carried out by authorized trainers, thoroughly prepared, open and of a high spiritual quality.

These courses will offer Romanian children the extraordinary opportunity to be guided by adults with special proficiencies in applying the Montessori method for the age groups 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 years.

These courses are an absolutely necessary approach on the long term in order to reset to the natural course the Romanian educational and cultural environment. There are many testimonials showing that the Montessori experience during childhood results in personal balance, social responsibility and significantly contributes to cultivating human values and normality.

Our longstanding and tenacious efforts to organize AMI Montessori training courses in Romania are, therefore, justified.

The AMI Diploma, obtained at the end of the course, is internationally recognized. For those who obtain it, it is much more than a certificate. It is a trophy, a sign for a new personal beginning and a challenge towards self-discovery.


Mariana Uliță