Cursuri cu certificat de asistent AMI Casa Copiilor 3-6 ani

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  • AMI Assistants Certificate Course – Children’s House (3 – 6 years)
  • Montessori Institute of Bucharest
  • Bucharest
  • Romania

AMI Assistants Certificate Course – Children’s House (3 – 6 years)

The AMI Assistants Certificate Course addresses all those interested in building and developing the personality of the child, as well as in the understanding of the child and of the childhood. These courses can be attended by Montessori assistants who are already working in classrooms, its content being also relevant for parents, grandparents, nannies, kindergarten directors, educators working in traditional or alternative systems and for all those interested in the knowledge of the Montessori education as well. The AMI certificate is internationally recognised, the courses offered by MIB being accredited by AMI Association Montessori Internationale.

Course objectives

Particularly, you will have the opportunity to understand:

– the importance of observation in working with the child

– Montessori concepts on freedom and discipline

– how to gain the child’s trust

– the power of the child’s absorbent mind at this age

– the way in which the environment is built for it to meet the child’s needs

– the ability to allow the child to become more and more independent

– techniques for building and for optimal maintenance of the materials in the environment 

– techniques for vocabulary enrichment

For further details, please click on the image below, which includes the course brochure. 

AMI Trainer: Mariana Uliță

Duration: 60 hours of theory and 9 hours of observation of the children.

Period: 3 – 14  August 2020


During the week, from 12:00 – 18:00.

Saturday, August 8th, from 9.00 – 15.00

No classes will be held on Sunday, August 9th.

Requirements for obtaining the certificate:

– 90% attendance

– submit the notes for the 9 hours of observation 

– elaborate 3 essays, each having a minimum of 500 words

Attendance fee/person€ 600 (VAT included)

The payment will be ordered in lei at the NBR exchange rate valid on the invoice issuance date. 

Language: Romanian, with English translation if needed.

Address: Montessori Institute of Bucharest, located in Piata Victoriei, 2-4 Dragoslavele Street, 1st Floor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

For registration, please fill in the application form and the data processing agreement, upload them on our website together with your CV and a scanned copy of your ID, on the right side of this page by clicking Browse. Upon receipt we will contact you via email or by telephone, to continue the enrollment procedure.

For any additional details or questions, please write to us at the email address

The AMI Assistants certificate – Children’s House (3-6) is NOT sufficient to lead a Montessori classroom.  For Montessori Educator training please visit the AMI diploma courses section.