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Montessori Assistant – help and value

A frequent issue in Montessori kindergartens is represented by employees fluctuation, especially with regards to the Montessori assistant. This is why we consider necessary to invite you to a seminar during which we will debate this situation and we will discover together ways to value the Montessori assistant, as well as working strategies that we could share with each other in the classroom.  
Madlena Ulrich, trainer AMI 3-6 kindly invites you to Muguri Seminar Montessori Assistant – help and value. The event is targeted towards Montessori educators and teachers only, not the classroom assistants.  
Price: 50 lei/person. The seminar is free of charge for educators who have welcomed observation and practice in their classroom.
The event will be held on Saturday, November 17, from 10.00 to 16.00, with a lunch break between 12 and 12.45. During the afternoon we will cover a surprise topic as well. 
Location: Montessori Institute of Bucharest, located in Bucharest, District 1, 2-4 Dragoslavele street, first floor.
Registrations: please send us an e-mail at