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  • Positive Words and Mindful Actions
  • Montessori Institute of Bucharest
  • Bucharest
  • Romania

Positive Words and Mindful Actions

As Montessori guides, our responsibility for our children extends beyond the immediate, towards helping to create a better world. 

As their role models, how we act and the way we communicate with our children, play a large part in whether they view the world in a positive or negative light.

“No-one can do for the child, the work that he has to do, to build the man he is making….”

Montessori believed that the power to self-construct lies within the child. Our role however is nevertheless important. It is to understand and work with the child’s creative energies and find the means to draw out the potential of each human being.

In the workshop we will study how through mindful actions and positive words, we are able to assist in the development and strengthening of character.

The day will be a balance of reflective practice for the adult and and application of pedagogical principles into practice. 

Guest: Karen Pearce, AMI Montessori trainer, level 3-6 years

Price: 65 euros (VAT included)

For participation in all three seminars, the price is 180 euros (VAT included).

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Karen Pearce holds an AMI 3-6 Montessori Diploma. Former Head of School at the Maria Montessori Institute, Karen ran their model Children’s House from 1990 to 2008 under the mentorship of Hilla Patell. Director of Pedagogy at The Montessori Place, she continues to mentor Montessori guides, is a lecturer on the AMI course and runs the MMI’s post – diploma course on the science of observing children.