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  • The three period lesson. How is your classroom working?
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The three period lesson. How is your classroom working?

Madlena Ulrich – Trainer AMI 3-6 has the pleasure to invite you to a new Muguri Seminar, during which we intend to deepen:
1. The three period lesson
  • In what way this is the natural learning process of language for the child?
  • How many types of three period lesson we use in Children’s House?
  • How do we introduce language for tactic tablets or termic tablets, for example?
  • How many lessons of this sort do we plan daily and how many do we actually manage to offer children? 

The seminar will also try to give the educators the opportunity to work together with the materials, thus discovering new ways to send children the information using this basic technique. 

2.”How is your classroom working?
  • What are you challenges and your achievements as educators?
  • What is your main objective for the current year with regards to the classroom? 
  • What is the plan that you are currently designing in order to achieve that objective?  
Price: 50 lei/person. The event is free of charge for educators who welcome MIB students in their classroom for observation. 
The event will be held on Saturday, March 2, from 15.00 to 19.30.
Location: Montessori Institute of Bucharest located in Bucharest, District 1, 2-4 Dragoslavele Street, first floor.
Registrations: please send us an e-mail by February 25, at