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  • The transition at the age of 6
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The transition at the age of 6

4 – 6 April, 2017, between 13.00 – 18.00, MIB 

The 6 year old child is at the border between kindergarten and school, but this is only one of the transitions going through at this age. The child experiences in a very concrete way the beginning of a new period in his life, marked by several psychological awakenings which are slow but essential: the rational mind, imagination, moral conscience and social awareness. What are the signs and how do we observe these awakenings in children around this age? How do we help and how do we encourage them in kindergarten and in school in practising every new acquisition?

The workshop aims to exemplify ways of working with children in kindergarten and in school in order to  activate the psychological powers awaken in this transition:

  • The role of the educator/teacher in learning team work (pursuing a goal, granting roles, work monitoring, presentation of the outcomes). Examples of games and activities.
  • How to introduce the concept of time: clock, calendar, timeline, stories about time.
  • The transition from kindergarten to school in the Montessori approach: observation of children by the kindergarten teacher, children from kindergarten visiting schools, adjusting to school, transfer of trust between educator and teacher.
  • Community building by children and involving children in projects that reinforce group cohesion.
  • Geometry as a therapeutic tool for children of this age.

In the three days meeting with Carla, Montessori educators and teachers will have the opportunity to consolidate the Montessori perspective concerning  the kindergarten/school as an institution that helps the child grow naturally, using gifts that come with the 6 years old age and overcoming its challenges.

The course is addressed to Montessori educators and teachers as well as to administrators and founder of Montessori schools and kindergartens.

The course is conducted in English with translation into Romanian.

Guest: Carla Foster, AMI Montessori trainer, level 6-12

Price: 200 euros (VAT included)